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Pirate Tales is an action game with tinges of RPG-like play. Immersed in a world of pirates and buccaneers you're on the prowl for young blood willing to enlist in your wily pirate posse. Your mission? Sail the seas to make the world your oyster, crushing any opponent that dare cross your path while following your destiny to become the most terrifying pirate.

Combat systems in Pirate Tales are easy to learn but tough to master. When its your turn, basically you'll pick which enemy you want to attack and how to deploy your special tactics. Once that's done, you'll need to tap on your screen at precisely the right moment in order to time your attack to inflict max damage. If you manage to kill your enemy, you'll also get to pull off additional special attacks against your other rivals.

Levels in Pirate Tales are varied. Occasionally, you'll face off on firm ground, in jungles, towns or prisons, or (as might be anticipated) you'll defeat enemies on the high seas from the deck of your own pirate ship. As you complete quests you'll start to unlock new characters to play with. Though, initially, you'll only get a few characters, all in all you'll recruit up to 20 different people.

Pirate Tales is a jaw-dropping action game. Its graphics are simply spectacular and it has little to envy off of PC, console or other desktop games. Its game system is simple, but fun. Plus thanks to its immense number of characters to unlock and the variety of quests within its plot, you won't be running out of pirate adventures anytime soon.
By Erika Okumura
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Android 4.1 or higher required.

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